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Delphine Deguislage


Delphine Deguislage’s work is multidisciplinary in its form. The act of producing the work herself becomes a game in which she can endorse many different roles. Survival, problem solving and autonomy, are issues that particularly interest her. This results in a work process that is about intuitively finding formal solutions using inexpensive materials usually from a wide range of suppliers, not specifically art related. The objects and images that she makes through successive associations are autonomous but still assembled responding to the exhibition.

Delphine Deguislage - Life's Flux, 2015
Delphine Deguislage - ABC / Le Guepard, 2014
Delphine Deguislage - Beyonce, 2014
Delphine Deguislage - Ciggies Iced Ciggies, 2014
Delphine Deguislage - Mineral sex, 2014
Delphine Deguislage - Mobilier1, 2014
Delphine Deguislage - Natural High, 2014
Delphine Deguislage - Pouf Odyssey
Delphine Deguislage - Sandy, 2014
Delphine Deguislage - Untitled green, 2014
Delphine Deguislage - Untitled, 2014
Delphine Deguislage - Inn, 2013
Delphine Deguislage - Bad bed board, 2012
Delphine Deguislage - Eliane Melancholia, 2012
Delphine Deguislage - Pezzzzzzz, 2012
Camailleu: sculptuur, gips, acrylverf, 25x15x10 cm, 2011
Drame: sculptuur, resin acrylverf, acryl verf, 120x100x45 cm, 2011
Déterré: sculptuur, gips,aluminium, hout, acrylverf, geëxpandeerde kleikorrels, lak, 150x45x45 cm, 2011
Lapidaire: gips, pigment, acrylverf, 15/ 25 cm, 2011
Let's call it like that
Sacro-saint: sculptuur, gips, pigment, 15x15x10 cm, 2011
Come in
If you cross the line (R+V=J)
True Love
Laatste academische oefening
Where are you?
Map souvenir
Parallaxe N4

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