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Joannes Késenne

Joannes Késenne is a philosopher, PhD in psychology, psychoanalist, art critic and curator. His main activity is in the field of the crossover between psychoanalysis and visual art. His curatorial work focuses on themes like melancholy, psychobiography, philosophical debate and outsider art. A strong bond between concept and presentation is the guiding principle. There is also an ongoing search for an integration of the space and the artworks.

Joannes Késenne worked as a professor of art theory at the PXL School of Visual Arts in Hasselt. He realized, among other things, exhibitions in Hasselt (Museum of Modern Art, 1996), Antwerp (’t Elzenveld, 2000), Ghent (Museum of Fine Arts, 2000), Derby (University of Art, 2001), Maasmechelen (City Hall, 2002), Bruges (Groeninge Museum, 1998), Breda (Lokaal 01, 1999), Ghent (Museum Dr. Guislain, 2001), Bristol (University of Art, 2015), Hasselt (PXL-MAD School of Arts, 2020), Pelt (Cultural Center Dommelhof, 2021). As an art critic, he worked for the art magazines ‘Kunst & Cultuur’ (BOZAR Brussels) and still for ‘H-art’ (Antwerp). He’s member of the board of the HISK in Ghent (Higher Institute for Fine Arts Flanders). He’s engaged in the counseling of the studio ARTISIT (Genk), a social-artistic project in the field of outsider art.

Joannes Késenne gives numerous lectures an contemporary art and participates in courses on art for AMARANT.

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