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Els Opsomer

Els Opsomer is an internationally acclaimed artist who makes multimedia installations. Through her participation in major international exhibitions such as the International Istanbul Biennial in 2007, the first Brussels Biennial and the 7th Kwangju Biennial in 2008, Els Opsomer gained international praise. At the center of these contributions to biennial exhibitions are a series of works related to the fate of modern utopias and the lost grandeur of the once so promising modern evolution of the human race.

In 2009, Els Opsomer started the project Archive Building, a project assembling the photographs, negatives and other materials which the artist collected from 1987 onwards and which form the backdrop to her artistic production. Opsomer has made thousands of photographs of the places she visited, an image collection made up of city scapes, window-shops, roads, nature, war zones, etc. Archive Building is a work in progress. It contains more than five thousand images to date.

Els Opsomer lecturers at De Nieuwe Akademie (The Hague), is coach at workspace SoundImageCulture (Brussels) and teaches at Hogeschool Sint Lukas (Brussels). For several years she was professor at ENSAV La Cambre (Brussels) and visiting professor at the Transmedia advanced master program in arts, media & design (Sint-Lukas Brussels University College of Art and Design). She is co-director of Arteconomy, an organisation that tries to revaluate the interaction between art and economy and creativity.

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