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Paul Casaer


Paul Casaer’s sculptures deal with the known. He does not create new images but ‘reworks’ found or remembered imagery. Forms that we come across on a daily basis are taken out of their context, scaled-down, enlarged and then translated into a new material. Clichés are re-evaluated. The sublime is put into perspective. Despite the playfulness and the light-heartedness of the sculptures, nostalgia and romanticism are also to be found. Our collective consciousness, the mass media, tradition and art history are important breeding grounds for these aspects. Through the ongoing process of adding and abstracting, forms are charged with meaning. There is a story here but it is implicit rather than explicit. The work of art is characterised by poetic undertones combined with simplification and a sober execution. Feelings do not lie like a veil over Casaer’s work. They are at one with the form.

Orange Knots
Private Knot
Si cela est possible
A one and ninety-nine zeros
Greenish Grey Leftover
Seven Light-years
The Rehearsal
The Rehearsal
Malecon Man
The Picnic
The Picnic
People, Bags, Bushes & Tracks
People, Bags, Bushes & Tracks

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