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Anne Daems

Miami woman. Some cars. Some husbands

In her photos, videos and drawings, Anne Daems shows specific qualities of everyday life, inconspicuous actions and events which at first sight are insignificant. That what seems like a snapshot or a simple drawing is in fact much more sophisticated. She succeeds in accumulating details on a particular subject – usually a person – so as to reveal an entire microcosm. The spectacular nature of these works lies precisely in the non-spectacular aspect. Nothing is of importance and yet everything is meaningful and mysterious.

Miami woman. Some cars. Some husbands
72 girls and some boys that could be models
Installation view Galerie Micheline Szwajcer
Not every rabbit is like the other
My father's garden
The salesman at Macy’s finished only one of my eyelashes with the new mascara that I wanted to buy.
Woman with fur coat and golden ring
Installation view CC Strombeek
Installation view De Pont in Tilburg
Een haar in de lavabo
Station bars
Openbare Veiling/Vente Publique
Een toren van opgestapelde boodschappenmandjes wandelde door de delhaize
Installation view Manhattan Center Building, Roomade, Brussels
Vandaag eten we mosselen / Today we eat mussels
Parkoer van de zaalwachter in een museum

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