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Wesley Meuris

Wesley Meuris, Bassin

The Belgian artist Wesley Meuris (1977) is fascinated by the human obsession to catalogue, rationalize and designate. In his 3D installations he examines different architectural typologies in which this notion of controlling and managing is incorporated. Meuris deconstructs existing architectural models to unveil hidden mechanisms.

One of the essential aspects of his work is the discovery and visualisation of the human tendency to desire, meaning, diffusion and its derivatives, in all forms of architecture in which language is undoubtedly the dominant structure. Meuris objectifies human language and its taxonomy; he communicates this architecture as an abstract spatial datum, thus revealing its enormous impact. He seems to have found an interesting answer to our desire for information and communication, in many cases it is the phobia of assigning a name. The physical form of information has become the true – because it is tangible – form of communication.

Wesley Meuris, Bassin
Wesley Meuris, A Mosque with a Contemporary View
Wesley Meuris, Behind Closed Doors
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Wesley Meuris, The Great White Journey
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Entrance Kit for Sculpture Garden
Greenhouse of the Royal Botanical Garden
Wesley Meuris, Museum Kiosk for Camera Services
Botanical World Archive
Enclosure for Okapia johnstoni
Enclosure for Pygmy Hippopotamus
Wesley Meuris, Enclosure for Dwarf Hippopotamus
Cage for Alopex lagopus
Cage for Australian night animals
Cage for Saimiri boliviensis
The funniest Humboldt Penguins performing in a great show
The intelligent, acrobatic moves of the Bottlenose Dolphin
Wesley Meuris, An Amazing Show with Three Gigantic Walruses
Wesley Meuris, Enclosed habitat area for Medium-sized Rodents
Cage for Dendrolagus dorianus
Cage for Galago Crassicaudata
Swimming Pool
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