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Katleen Vermeir

A.I.R extension #15 - The Good Life

Katleen Vermeir's work focuses mainly on the hidden layers of specific (often architectural) environments, and on the relation between time and space and the way we experience this relation. This could mean that the artist makes the passing of time tangible, but just as well that she maps the history of a place in a very subjective way. The link between these spatial and temporal dimensions is always the human body.

In 2006 the artist started working with Ronny Heiremans on A.I.R, a collaborative project, which examines architecture as a significant ideological force and deals with issues concerning the interrelatedness of private and public spheres, art and the economy. Both artists see their domestic space as the core of their daily practice. A system of representation in itself, they have redefined their private space as a public space, in the act questioning the intimacy that is usually associated with it. This space, which they consider the central art piece of the project, will not have a public moment though. Instead the artists are presenting A.I.R as an ongoing series of mediated extensions, relating to contemporary architecture which is mostly not experienced physically but rather from translations to magazines, television, film, websites, lectures, renderings, exhibitions…Vermeir and Heiremans favor a communal mode of production, using A.I.R as a platform for different collaborations with people from various backgrounds and occupations.

Since 2006 Katleen Vermeir also takes part in the temporary collective 'Potential Estate', which explores ideas of artistic collaboration in a context defined by identity and postnational issues. The collective's core members are David Evrard, Pierre Huyghebaert, Ronny Heiremans, Vincent Meessen and Katleen Vermeir.

A.I.R extension #15 - The Good Life
The Good Life (a guided tour)
The passing of a perfect day (revisited)
Potential Estate portrait
A.I.R extension #10 (pavilion)
A.I.R extension #10 (pavilion)
No man's land
A.I.R. extension #01
The passing of a perfect day (for Gordon Matta-Clark)
Axis mundi
Cadavre exquis (Brussels, part 1)
The history of New York (from the beginning of the world to the present)
The ideal city (portraits)
Tableaux-vivants (construction models)
Belle-vue, walk during a landscape
Diachronical landscape

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