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Stefaan Decostere


For a long time Stefaan Decostere was a director and a producer for the Arts Department of the
Flemish Belgian Television. Extremely critical towards the codes that uphold mainstream
television programming, his work for television helped Decostere to develop his ideas about media analysis, structural experimentation and videographic creation. His documentaries display a search for a radically new visual language, approaching themes and subjects from several perspectives and challenging the viewer to take an active stance.

After leaving television in 1998, Decostere has been working as a publisher for art reviews and as a curator. He is a coach designer for internet sites and has been the initiator of a workshops series about experimental media. Together with Margit Tamás he founded CARGO in 1998. One of his latest productions, the installation arena WARUM 2.0., which he developed together with a team of technical artists and with architect Paul Virilio and cameraman Daniel Demoustier, was premiered in February 2008 during the Artefact Festival in Leuven. It was restaged in 2009 at the media center V2_ during the Rotterdam Film Festival. In 2010 he developed RealTime, an city project for Oostende Flemish Cultural City. Decostere is a teacher/mentor at the Amsterdam Film
Academy since 2009.  

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