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Beatrijs Lauwaert

Beatrijs Lauwaert - Head (Eye and Mind 2), 2014

Beatrijs Lauwaert makes unusual site-specific installations with completely everyday objects and materials. She photographs dialogues with milk cans, superimposed hands and landscapes of pleats. Her works appear in closed and open dialogue with the place where they are created: between mediaeval walls, in churches, in old cellars and in parks, on river banks, at the sea, in former factories, in empty houses, on platforms, in a hospital, in museums and galleries, on journeys. With the here and now as the compelling factor of the totality of each experience.
 Drawing for Beatrijs is the first and purest medium, the locomotive of her work. She expresses the physical and emotional relationships with her own physicality without compromise as well as the bodies that she observes, spaces, living beings and objects. She often works with unpopular things, the marginal aspects of our welfare universe, beings whose voices evoke an irresistible compassion in her. Every single thing bears witness to a fascinating contradiction, stubborn independence and at the same time defenceless surrender. With these unpopular things, she creates scenes where objects 'discuss' life with and among people. Extremes and opposites reconcile with one another within one charged picture.

Beatrijs Lauwaert - Head (Eye and Mind 2), 2014
De blauwe elastiek
I've unmarried feet
Vrouwenprofiel met vogel
Zonder titel
Zonder titel
Mirando Morandi

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