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Sophie Nys


Sophie Nys brings conceptual and minimalistic artistic strategies to their logical and formal limits by exploiting the broad artistic license possible within the contemporary art milieu. Far from being flippant, her works – although seemingly ironic – maintain their eloquence as poetic reflections on her subjects derived from the everyday.
As co-founder of Grotto Sophie Nys is also actively involved in making and publishing artist books like 'Au Pilori' who lately won the Price of most beautiful book of 2010.
Recently she is producing a film project about landscape architect Burle Marx in collaboration with musician Arto Lindsay and makes together with Grotto-partner Richard Venlet a new artist book about porn cartoonist Carlos Zefiro. (

Sophie Nys studied at Sint-Lukas Ghent and finished a post-graduate program at Jan van Eyck in Maastricht.

Flanders Arts Institute

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