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Lieven Paelinck

In the works of Lieven Paelinck examining signs and the creation and changing of discourses are central. The artist carries out experiments by replacing, changing and confronting the person making the signals or the 'significations' (words, images, objects, etc.) so that they take on another meaning. The original meaning or 'signification' is visible as a symbol, a political or social context or a philosophical hinge. The altered sign questions the obviousness of the sign and offers the possibility of thinking about differences and similarities within their contexts. In addition to this central theme there are also thematic links with time, space, the political or social context, the concept and minimal art. The developed concepts are visualised in projects that form a site- specific discourse with their context and are linked directly to the previous or future project that in turn can lead to new autonomous works.

Flanders Arts Institute

Expertise centre for performing arts, music and visual arts.