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Sebastian Schutyser

Bozo girl

Sebastian Schutyser spent his childhood in Congo. After qualifying as a licentiate in political sciences, he studied photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, in Ghent.
During his studies he undertook his first photographic mission in Africa: a series of large format portraits in the inlands of Mali. This experience made him discover the adobe mosques of Mali, which would become the focus of his work for the next four years. His sober but elegant approach won him several prizes, and internationally acclaimed exhibitions and publications. The choice of unknown and off-the-beaten-track subjects, and a dislike for following trends, make his style hard to label.
His most recent work 'Flowers of the Moon' deals with the mythical Rwenzori mountains and its extravagant afro-alpine vegetation.

Bozo girl
Lake Bujuku
Mount Baker
Senecio adnivalis

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