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Monique Thomaes

Kunst in opdracht

Monique Thomaes's video work can be seen as an observation of /reaction to space/light/time/movement. Meditative, slow, poetic works are alternated with work in which, by using and misusing montage techniques, photos and sound are transformed into dynamic choreographies. The work is exhibited by preference as a large-scale project split up into several screens, depending on the audience and the space where the presentation is taking place.

Her interest in space and architecture, which plays an important role in her video work, has recently been translated into art integration projects. These interventions (assignments/commissions) play with light and movement and examine existing architecture.
My videowork can be seen as a perception of/ reaction to/ spaces, light, time and movement.
Meditative, slow, poetic works alternate with works in which image and sound are
transformed into dynamic choreographies through the use—and misuse—of montage
The works are, for preference, shown as large-scale projections or distributed among a
variety of monitors. They respond to the viewer and to the space in which they are shown.
My passion for space and architecture that characterises my installations and videowork is
implemented the last years in art-in-public-space-projects.
In the most of these realised interventions, light and movement play a predominant role.
Displays with poetic texts are another center of focus, as well as videostills translated in
monumental series of pictures.
The merge with existing architecture and spaces have priority in all my work and proposals

Kunst in opdracht
High Voltage
Kunst in opdracht
plaatsen/lieux/spaces/orte (09)
the intimacy of space
passie voor het ongrijpbare
plaatsen/lieux/spaces/orte (07)
! architecture !
_ andante_
Maaltecenter, Gent
Prenzlauerberg Berlin
a cappella
Huis van de Vlaamse Volksvertegenwoordigers Brussel
Intime Expeditionen
Stippels & Pixels
point de vue

Art in public space (selection)

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