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Leo Reijnders

In this ongoing series (over 200 works and counting), of figurative narrative paintings, Leo Reijnders investigates issues of desire. While basing the work in the sub-conscious desires of the artist, they also seek to involve the viewer, by allowing enough undefined space to consider our own motivations and desires. Completed in one day, they represent "(day)-Dreamingscapes" where anything is possible. Using backgrounds that are most often represented by a simple horizon line, establishes only "space" and "place"", leaving their exact location undefined. The scenes dipicted could be taking place in the desert, on the moon or more likely, in the mind.

Dislocating the "place" allows for a multitude of associations and interpretations depending on the viewers "space'. These psychological wanderings question their own validity by never being instructive or preachy, but suggest infinite possibilities, thereby stimulating the imagination to consider for new discovery while peering through the dirty spectacles of life.

(Dennis Anderson)

Flanders Arts Institute

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