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Santiago Angel Vergara

And yes I said yes I will Yes

Angel Vergara’s work is a continued research into the power of the image. By means of performances, videos, installations and paintings he tests the limits of art and reality. He questions the way the contemporary image shapes our own reality. Every work is an attempt to break through the image and to make its impact come to the surface on an aesthetic as well as a socio-cultural and political level.  Decontextualized images of reality are mediated by the artist and transformed into art. Vergara’s work is the result of a constant dialogue between the artist, the ever transforming reality and its image. He creates a kind of reality “in-between”. In this process the viewer is encouraged to question his way of perceiving the everyday and the way it is presented to him in an avalanche of images. Also, the position of the artist himself is questioned. How can he fill the gap between what is real and what is art? How can he make reality enter art and art enter back into reality?

And yes I said yes I will Yes
Fin’Amor’, video-sound installation
Bruxelles septembre 1991
‘Feuilleton, The seven capital sins
Life Illumintations
Social Allucination
Angel Vergara - Fin’Amor, 2014
Angel Vergara - Life Illuminations, 2014
Angel vergara - Social Allucination, 2014
El callejero
Illumination 5  (12 jours et 6 heures)
Angel Vergara - And yes I said yes I will Yes, 2012
Angel Vergara - Feuilleton, The seven capital sins, 2011
Angel Vergara - Lundi illuminations Mardi feux d'artifice Mercredi revolution, 2010
Lundi illuminations Mardi feux d'artifice Mercredi revolution
Angel Vergara - Milena et le Verre d'eau, 2007
Angel Vergara - Straatman’s happy entry into Brussels, 2007
Milena et le Verre d'eau
Straatman’s happy entry into Brussels
Angel Vergara - El Callejero, 2006
El Callejero
El callejero
El callejero
El callejero
The Straatman’s Contract
Angel Vergara - The Straatman’s Contract, 2006
Angel Vergara - Deux Corps Amoureux, 2004
Deux Corps Amoureux
Two bodies in love
Rippel bar
Ripple Across the Water
Chapellerie Haute
Chapellerie Haute
Angel Vergara - Bruxelles septembre 1991

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