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Fanny Zaman


The artistic work of Fanny Zaman focuses on different aspects to generate visual images. Most of the time she uses the installation format in which different visual elements are relating to each other. A photograph, a recorded sound or image, small texts and all kinds of different objects made of cheap material like foam or tape or hardboard are used to interfere with the original exhibition space. The presentation is like a set up, a stage or a scene that goes down by the end of the show. The installations are often built by the triple concept: actor, platform and registration of the presentation. Her main interest is to observe how different actors and different platforms organise their environments.
The artistic work deals with visual perception and rhetoric's. It considers persuasion as the most important element of reality. Persuasion meant as a set of beliefs organised by common (dis)agreement.
The subjects of her work are often situations of everyday habitat. Everyday habitat appears to be true for those who inhabit the habitat, but not for those who don't. The recuperation of everyday habitat in art context reformulates routine into scenery.

Inhabiting the Surface
Inhabiting the Surface
SONG-MOUNTAIN AREA, the Centre Direction
Pointing game
Setting II
Setting I, Gym
Tith Ngaw Pai, Kung-Fu
De Orde van Katarina. Fragment
Ordnung Bitte! Laisser faire
Song about a flower
Fictional World
Organised Landscape
In/out, What is for you the difference between interior and exterior architecture?

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