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HAP is an art collective set up in 1999 by visual artists Jens De Schutter (°1979), Piet Mertens (°1978) en Wim Waelput (°1979). HAP is fighting and criticizing imposed order or forms and general opinions. They obtain this by thoroughly elaborating systemised mise-en-scène and strategies (economy, sports, art, youth culture, war, space travel) in monumental and project-like installations or performances. This appropriation of mise-en-scène and strategies is realised with close at hand materials such as wood, cardboard, tape, plastic foil, ... in fresh and bright colours, creating a staggering space for launching new propositions and (re) presentations. Of great importance in HAP's play with imitation versus reality, is its artistic concern with the relationship between producing and manufacturing on the one hand and on the other hand the meaning these acts are generating with respect to the result, the art product.

Flanders Arts Institute

Expertise centre for performing arts, music and visual arts.