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Dimitri Vangrunderbeek

Rasterstructuren in het atelier

Dimitri Vangrunderbeek is a judicious operator of images, objects, spaces and the feelings associated with these. Under his influence, spaces start to hesitate and objects become defenceless. He carefully tears them open with a letter opener and deciphers their innards. The cross section reveals the intimate beauty of a cupboard, table or chair. Even when a piece of furniture is sawn into slices or pulverised with a grinding disk it retains its dignity.
Each piece of furniture treated becomes unusable. The object falls apart in terms of material, volume and composition. At the same time it becomes a new object. Vangrunderbeek removes the practical value of an armchair by covering it with plaster, an armchair that becomes a sculpture, which has a different relationship with its environment and which is partially hidden from view, so that we can imagine the hidden parts in our head.
(Hans Theys)

Rasterstructuren in het atelier
Vitrinekast met schetsen, raster en plaatster volume
Plaasteren volumes
Groene schijn
Stoelen met plaaster

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