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Wim Wauman

Wim Wauman - Linus, 2014

At the start of his career Wauman’s photographic gaze was directed by a simple but profound admiration for the way things are. Focusing on a wide variety of subjects - animals and landscapes, still lifes and (architectural) constructions, even man and his actions or surroundings – this archive of images (‘Atlas Of Atmospheres’) plays a subtle game with pictorial conventions and photographic traditions.

Originating from a rising interest in the (photographic) still life, his artistic practice turned more and more inwards since a few years: inside the confinement of the studio but also in his imagination (as a creator). This recently resulted in the Paraphernalia project for which he invited fellow artists and cultural practitioners to contribute an inspirational and/or meaningful object. More then 120 participants from Belgium and abroad responded to his invitation. With this collection he created 21 enigmatic compositions that resonate with historical visual traditions and alchemy.

Currently his photographic work is evolving to even more elaborate (spacial and sometimes abstract) compositions with an illusionistic feel, characterized by the use of varying wood textures en hues, ‘charged ingredients’, geometric lines and the playful use of light and shadow.

Wim Wauman - Linus, 2014
Wim Wauman - Attitude (An Excellent Condition), 2013
Wim Wauman - Carousel (At the Gates Of Representation), 2013
Boule d’Or II (Nostalgia)
Boule d’Or III (Statera)
Prototype (Clin d’Oeil)
The Idiot
Les Caractères – Tender Buttons (UGent)
In Bloom
Capsicum baccatum maxima
Cucurbita fragaria maritima
Cucurbita trochilidae baccatum
Solanum sanctimonialis
Still Life #04
Still Life #14
Still Life #20
Temptation Island #01
Temptation Island #05
Family Reunion
Ginger with Cock
Sunset Bird
Reclining Buddha Dog
Camel (sic)
Mirror Island #2
Swing Sisters
Tumulus (Mirror Oasis)
Backyard BMW
Tourists in Mallorca

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