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Saar De Buysere


Saar De Buysere researches, fathoms new techniques and works with materials that are not obvious. She recuperates household waste and processes old works of art. Although she bases herself on classic ideas. In her, at first sight, house-garden-tree culture, she works in the same way as a town planner, an architect of ideal environments that strive to provide relaxation, pleasure, exchange and a low energy threshold.
The word beauty is not quoted in relation to her work, and yet the concept is about beauty: beautiful flowers, a beautiful garden, the work is a means of creating beauty.
(Sarah Eyckerman)

Dakwerk 1
Dakwerk 2
Dakwerk 3
Dakwerk 4
Dakwerk Bernadette
Fleur de lys
Tuinoteek 10
Tuinoteek 12
Tuinoteek 33
Tuinoteek 42
Zonder titel 1
Travel Delight

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