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AnneMarie Maes

AnneMarie Maes - Beehive (biomimicry)

AnneMarie Maes (1955, Brussel) has a masters in fine art and cultural studies. She  has played a major role in organising the multi-media art scene in Brussels. She founded the Pix and Motion Experimental Animation and Short Movies Film Company, the artist-run Looking Glass exhibition space, and more recently, the international artist collective OKNO, which brings together artists and art spaces from different European countries to engage in workshops and open research labs.

AnneMarie Maes works on the interwoven threads of multi-media installations, ecological issues, and social and anthropological projects. The current line of work focuses on the Urban Bee Laboratory project (2009-ongoing) which sets up experimental open air laboratories and develops art works based on the complex structures in nature.

Older work addresses a participation of the public, as in the No2pho installation (2006-2008) where spectators shape a sound scape by moving around sound sources based on literary texts, or the People Database project (1998-2004) which creates multi layered life narratives triggered by found pictures. The Politics of Change project (2008-2010), documenting the grassroots activism of women in India, takes a social and anthropological dimension.

AnneMarie Maes has exhibited widely in international contexts, including in various European countries (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, etc.) as well as the US (New York), Syria, India and Brazil.

AnneMarie Maes - Beehive (biomimicry)
Annemie Maes - The Invisible Garden (installation)
Annemie Maes - The Invisible Garden (installation)
Annemie Maes - Transparant beehive (installation)
Annemie Maes - the Bee Laboratory (bee parts)
Annemie Maes - the Bee Laboratory (pollen analysis)
Annemie Maes - the Bee Laboratory (the peephole)
Annemie Maes - the Bee Laboratory (wax beehive + Warré beehive)
Annemie Maes - Transparant beehive (sculpture)
AnneMarie Maes - Connected OpenGreens, 2012
Annemie Maes - Transparant beehive (the laboratory)
Politics of Change
Politics of Change
Annemie Maes - Hiding (ice)
Annemie Maes - no2pho
Art is Politics
Entretien Infini #2
PeopleDatabase (Slowscan Transmission)
Hiding #1
Essential Emptiness
Closed_Circuit #3
Entretien Infini#1
PeopleDatabase, Ici et Maintenant
sens5702 /l’oeil
Annemie Maes - People Database (poster)
Annemie Maes - Closed Circuits#2
Closed_Circuit #2
Now Here Nowhere
Trade Routes
Trade Routes

Art in public space (selection)

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