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Kurt Ryslavy

Painting Salesman 01 (Porc d'Eau)

The Austrian painter, conceptual artist and poet Kurt Ryslavy invented the 'bourgeoise travesty' as an artistic expression. He realizes non-fictional juristic documents within different media. With his image-findings/inventions that he combines with writings, he goes beyond taboos of art and society. His prefered media are text, video, installation, performance, sculpture, painting and exhibition-concepts.

Painting Salesman 01 (Porc d'Eau)
Stealing instruction
Caricature de peinture 23, Too Smart
Sponsoring curated
a touch of minimalism (I)
bringing Grüner Veltliner into museums
Alles was minimal ist (Detail)
Rollaquarelle auf Sockel
Subventionsempfänger Pack
True (vedute)
Fucking Homely
Verschleissstelle für Österreichischen Wein
Verkaufswerk Nr. 18

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