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Martine Laquière

About Nothing

"I make an artwork, and this work is a settlement of the world in my spirit."

"Objects can own a high degree of content and emanation and I like to photograph them against a neutral (white) background, in order to let them increase their impact."

“I shoot a detail of an existing artwork, and by means of photographically magnifying,I show unknown properties of the work."

"I like to appropriate the possibility of interpreting existing artworks, artists or concepts."

"My works are situated within the area of the analogue photography and I realize them on one sole film. Some of my works are shootings of installations that were built by me, and here, the installation is only an intermediation, which, for this reason, has no further right of existence."

"I feel at home in the tendencies of the conceptual art and these it perfectly with the kind of photography that I practice."

"I love authentic cameras. They are my tools."

About Nothing
Bouque for John Le Carre and Ian Wilson
Bouquet for Pierre Cardin and Reinbert De Leeuw
Dedicated to Agnes Martin
Dedicated to Cecil Taylor
La midification
Question or Answer 1 Archie
Question or Answer 2 Oscar
Question or Answer 3 Joseph
Relics of The Analogue
Relics of The Analogue 2
Relics of The Analogue 3
The Solo Works
Found Surrogates I
Je me sens bien ici II
Je suis heureuse
Two Thousand Longest Rivers
Das R Buch
Mirror I
Reflections On a Work By Ian Wilson
Reading Through Every Page of Joseph Kosuth's Purloined (659)
Found Surrogates III
Found Surrogates II
M.P meets D.B
Selfportrait with Diane Arbus
Brillo collection
Location Piece (digital)
Hotels originaux à Tanger
Duration piece 3 (digital)
Duration piece 2 Imagon
Duration piece 1 pinhole
Baghdad (Irak)
Beyrouth-Damas (Lebanon)
Bushire (Iran)
Tehran (Iran)
Simonne de Beauvoir
Henri Thoreau
Louis Ferdinand Celine
Sidonie Gabrielle Colette
Time as activity I Record player
Time as activity II Filmprojector
William Burroughs

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