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Filip Vervaet


Filip Vervaet’s sculptures are rarely just there; they manifest themselves. They are objects from another universe, one in which doom is always imminent and where science-fiction becomes reality. Vervaet refers to the relationship or friction between man, artificiality and nature. References to art history combined with his very own mixture of futuristic and pre-modernistic visual language provide a bewildering viewing experience.

Proportions are important. In one work a miniature-tree is being blown up to life-size fir tree proportions, in another a monumental apocalyptic setup is being reduced to a miniature; a three dimensional film still.

Vervaet is a perfectionist and his work is meticulously constructed. Even the temporarily public installations are made to last. For example ‘Speakers’ Corner’: a brick, architectural construction with built-in sound equipment, inviting the visitor to plug in his or her guitar, mp3-player or microphone.

The mind of Vervaet moves freely between ideas, chaos and artistic order.

Ignorance is Strength
Model for Infinity
Plato's Psychedelic Cave II
Park End
The Return of Pan
The Return of Pan
Studio Incident
Twin Peaks

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