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Hans Verhaegen

Hans Verhaegen - NY

The work of Hans Verhaegen includes oil paintings, drawings, wall paintings, collages, posters, postcards and covers of nonexistent magazines.
He also produced some interesting insitu installations such as 'Ronker' (1996), 'Zeyp' (1997), 'Atelier 255' (1999) and 'The Milky Way' (2000).
The surprising '128 people' (2003) was the first of the recent series of digital animations. These are populated by Tetris-like human figures. Man appears as a central topic, but also as a simple result of assembling components in a computer program.
The self-written algorithms are shown as installations ('Deus Digitalis', 2009), or produce images from which a selection can be further processed and printed on paper ('Kling', 2010, 'Rodiola', 2012, 'NY', 2014).
These colorful, crisp, abstract compositions show an uninhibited enticing variety of color and form. Yet only a dozen simple recurrent forms are the basis of this hybrid work somewhere between traditional painting and contemporary digital art.

Hans Verhaegen - NY
Hans Verhaegen - Rhodiola
Hans Verhaegen - Peacock
Hans Verhaegen - Spray
128 people
Deus digitalis
Hans Verhaegen - 2704 (Stam)
2 In Neon
128 People
No Time
The Milky Way
Atelier 255
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Passe Partout

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