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Peter Weidenbaum


Peter Weidenbaum was born in Antwerp in 1968. He lives and works in Oorbeek (Tienen) in Belgium. After his studies at the Higher Institute for Fine Arts (HISK) he built up his reputation by participating in quite a number of exhibitions in Belgium, the Netherlands, New Zealand and China. In 2009 two of his paintings were on display in the Museum of Ixelles FADING exhibition. Peter Weidenbaum is a versatile worker: he paints; he uses graphic reproduction techniques such as serigraphy; he knows how to work bronze and he can perfectly devise a meaningful installation in a public space, like he did with his work Passing-by beside the Montgomery roundabout in Brussels in 2008 and with his work Alter-Ego, a crashed car in bronze, transformed into a static work of art. Weidenbaum reflects about the world around him. Extreme close-ups make one face from very nearby a cactus or the inside of an indoor plant. It seems like a test on how the tritest things can become a painting, an image that detaches itself from reality and at the same time more deeply penetrates reality.

The Cake
The Walk
The Game
The Idea
The Swamp
The oder way around

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