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Karel Breugelmans

Constructie XXXI (nickname: Our New Homes)

Breugelmans’ art remains speculative in its content and is not primarily founded on theory, but remains visually stuck on the retina as a construction that allows the viewer to consider something which in reality is in danger of being decreasingly true.

His work allows one to dream of ‘something’ that is far from the present world, without the pretension of claiming, as an artist, that art can improve the world.

Karel Breugelmans’ oeuvre is a remarkable ‘blueprint’; one in which the world only takes shape by means of the viewer’s mental effort. [Luk Lambrecht]


A wide range of attitudes is possible when coming face to face with the work of Karel Breugelmans. These artefacts, which are almost hypnotically connected, help the viewer explore time and space and enable him to shift from a particular fixed position. In exhibitions, Breugelmans’ constructive and deconstructive works, which represent potential realities, are naturally installed in a specific way, but strictly speaking this goes against the artist’s intention. [Christoph Tannert]

Constructie XXXI (nickname: Our New Homes)
Constructie XXXII (nickname: Our New Homes) - Constructie XXXIII (nickname: Our New Homes)
zonder titel
z.t. 11
zonder titel
constructie XVI
z.t. 3
z.t. 5
zonder titel 1
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Karel Breugelmans - zt (brugdynamisch)
Karel Breugelmans - Constructie XXII
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Karel Breugelmans - zt2
Karel Breugelmans - zt3
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constructie XV
Karel Breugelmans - Constructie XVII
Karel Breugelmans - Constructie XVII

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