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Sarah Westphal

Sarah Westphal - Allure Craquelure

In her multidisciplinary work, Sarah Westphal explores the relationship between people, objects and their surroundings. A key part of this investigation focuses on how qualities of place and architecture contribute to our human experience, answering such questions as how does a location influence us physically and psychologically? How do we perceive the world around us? How does a space refer to its former inhabitants? What does an object tell us about its users? What impressions are left and what stories can be read from the layered history of surfaces and imprints or the corporeality of space?

In a kind of archaeological research, Westphal reveals, camouflages and reconstructs missing links. Through these minimal and meticulous actions, she manipulates the essence of the found situation and constructs sober but complex site-specific installations that can be physically experienced by the viewer. Sculptures, photographs and projections shift between two- and three-dimensionality, between reality and fiction.

Sarah Westphal - Allure Craquelure
Sarah Westphal - Timpano
Sarah Westphal - Blush
Palimpsest (installation views)
Palimpsest (installation views)
Palimpsest (installation views)
Sarah Westphal - Armoire
Sarah Westphal - Gehirn, Gestirn, Gestein
Sarah Westphal - Nest
Sarah Westphal - Outlets
DRAPERIES (Sculpture I)
Kratzer - Scratches
The Appearing
The Appearing
The Appearing
Untitled (Light, Vertical Blinds)
Sarah Westphal - Des espace autres - Of other spacesc
Sarah Westphal - Still
Sarah Westphal - Interior Landscapes
Sarah Westphal - Stilleven
Sarah Westphal - Heimsuchen (The House)

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