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Annelies Slabbynck

'Blood-Dripping' II 1-2

Annelies Slabbynck is born in 1968 in Belgium.
At the age of 17 she starts an art education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Aalst
(B). During two years she studies Decorative Arts and Crafts. She continues her
art studies at the Institute of Fine Arts, Sint-Lucas in Ghent (B), where she
focuses on the mayor of ceramics.
Her first encounter with China takes place in 1997, where she stays during a four
months period at the Central Academy for Art and Design in Beijing.
Again in 1999 she travels back to China and studies Chinese language at the
Beijing Foreign Studies University. Later that year her ‘China story’ continues; by
moving southwards to the city Shanghai.
After spending several years in China, she moves in September 2002; with her
family for approximately one year to San Francisco; USA. Also in this new
environment, Annelies works continuously further on new art work.
In November 2003 Annelies moves back to Ghent, Belgium. During her two-year
stay in her motherland; her artwork is exhibited in several national galleries and
arts venues.
The (red) wire of her China adventure is picked up again in the beginning of 2006
where she lives with her family back in Shanghai. From this moment on this busy
city is again her permanent home until June 2015.
For the last six years in Shanghai; she taught ceramics - mixed media and textile
art classes for children and adults, in her private studio as well in various
international schools.
Till present her work in the form of textile / ceramic and mixed media art; features
in national and international galleries and museums.
At the present moment she lives back in Belgium; in her hometown Ghent

'Blood-Dripping' II 1-2
'Mental Mapping' I 1 - 3
Close up 'Our Last Day Together'
'Shroud II' 1 - 2
'Medical Air - Mouth Pieces; II 1 - 4
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