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Michel Buylen


Michel Buylen is a multi-faceted and headstrong painter, who never ceases to astonish with both his amazing virtuosity and his new take on centuries-old subjects; such as the nude (or the naked?), the child, the landscape, the sea as an obligate abstraction and the portrait as compromise and confrontation. Michel Buylen is anything but a conventional artist. Aided by acrylic, he succeeds in retranslating life, in all its diversity and nuances, enriching it with his own vision. Each new work forms a window to a sublimated reality, sometimes poetic and moving, often distant and surprising. It is this combination of vulnerable beauty and mysterious estrangement that gives Buylen a unique place within Belgium's contemporary art scene.

Emily, encore
Emotional Hardcor
Fred is een landschap
In Paradiso suo, Vita
La nouvelle Réversibilité
Le Vitrail algué
Sorores ... Insulae
not to die but to be reborn
Zonder Meesterwoord

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