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bolwerK is a non-exclusive, temporary constellation that has initiated, curated, mediated and facilitated diverse projects locally and internationally since 1998. Her 'open' network is the basis for collaboration and the triggering of internal and external group dynamics around relevant social issues.
 bolwerK considers art the ideal context for producing thought and reflection upon society. Art creates a meta-layer, a framing of perception in which social, economic and political issues, norms, and values can be questioned.
 Art should not induce individuals to produce authenticity and create personal history, but encourage multitudes to create collective awareness. Creating containers of interchange enables people to share, reflect and express ideology, knowledge, myth and practice; to feed the idea of communality. Once a social framework is established, it doesn't exist to streamline ideas, but to create common questions. The development of a toolkit to externalize these questions empowers the group or individual.
 YOU can stimulate the imaginative and researchoriented practice of bolwerK and her open network. Relying on past experiences in project development, bolwerK looks forward to future encounters with new people and environments and to expand her methodology.

Flanders Arts Institute

Expertise centre for performing arts, music and visual arts.