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Olivier Deprez

A white house

Olivier Deprez’s paintings seem accidental recordings of everyday phenomena. He reproduces them realistically but ensures that details are highlighted within the working process. The basis for his images lies in sketches and notes made on location. These places remain as such recognizable but they are never translated directly into paint. Through a number of studies the artist flattens out small details, so that his images acquire a strange anonymity. Or else he intensifies the use of colour so as to suggest a more emotional experience.


Not every sketch is eventually converted into a painting. Sometimes they waver in their developing phase and evolve into autonomous drawings. Or else they form the motive for a new project. Most of his still lives originate from the drawing board. Objects are stripped from their original context and inserted into an artificial setting. They become archetypes or symbols used in a world that is not their own.


A white house
Between the lines
studie voor 'Between the lines'
studie voor 'Between the lines'
Citta Ideale
Red series, waiting
Stairway to heaven
studie voor 'Citta Ideale'
A social game
Red series, untitled
Station Waregem

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