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Hallveig Ágústsdóttir

21 sound drawings

"Being fascinated by the relation between music and visual art and not wanting to choose between them, Hallveig Agustsdottir turned to soundscapes in her most recent drawings. She started a quest for an accurate way of depicting music, sounds, noise. Yet this sound-based approach turns out to be a starting point for exploring texture and material. By restricting herself to an artist's basic materials (paper, charcoal and gesso) she seems to discover freedom within this strict limitation." (M.B)

Interacting with music, sounds and noises in her visual arts, Hallveig has explored a range of different mediums; from painting to photography to performances, video works, as well as creating her own musical compositions.

Hallveig is currently working on her practice based PhD research in Performing Arts at Brunel School of Arts in London, UK.

21 sound drawings
21 sound drawings
# 8430
31 (sound)studies / nr 27
composedDRAWING #1 and #2
composedDRAWING #1 and #2
composedDRAWING #1 and #2
31 (sound)studies / nr 16 & 7
31 (sound)studies / nr 2
31 (sound)studies / nr 6
imaginary soundscape I & II
imaginary soundscape VII

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