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Patrick Keulemans

A la recherche du temps perdu proust

The visual work of Patrick Keulemans departs from a fascination with language and communication: the (im)possibility of language as a metaphor for the (im)possibility of communication. Vanishing languages, cultural diversity, the vulnerability of the individual within a globalised world, and the homogenising effects of social media: these are just some of the themes he addresses. Behind the sophisticated and vivid appearance of his works there lies a complex network of existential questions and doubts. About frustrations, power and powerlessness, mortality and human frailty. About the necessity and futility of communication and coexistence, but also about the influence of religions upon our language and culture. His associative thinking is translated into a highly distinctive visual universe that is often imbued with irony, criticism and reflection.

A la recherche du temps perdu proust
Another brick in de wall
De goudzoeker
Flag for diversity
Gouden gids
Pong pong
Prostylon 1 & 2
So cheap
Soundscape 1
Soundscape 2
Thanks to a window
Writer's block 1
Writers's block 2
Alles ging zo voorbij
Voorlezing 48 bis
Het ongeweten
Peptalk detail
Peptalk boek
Wat zonder regie van religie
Belief and disbelief
Draft for an anti-text book
Write history
Video Koersk
Writers's block
In dialoog met Mark Manders
Speech is silver
Silence is golden
Patrick Keulemans - Schrijfoefening, 2011

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