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Mark Swysen

Mark Swysen - il peso della memoria

Mark Swysen reflects on human behavior. The artist explores how innate mechanisms interact and steer the human conduct. The human figure itself remains conspicuously absent: the artist wishes to incite the imagination of the visitor. Mark Swysen re-interprets the basic proposition of conceptual art that “the idea is the most important aspect of the work”. Though his artifacts are drafted as an invitation for the viewers brain, the artist constantly seeks for the most eloquent visual stimuli: primitive instincts and subcutaneous emotions interact with the visitor’s personal background. At their best, his installations develop into a physical experience.
 Because the shape in which the concept is molded has to give rise to a query for the content, any material, object, sound or symbol belonging to our collective cultural heritage can be recycled in his visual language.
 As the architecture surrounding the artefacts constitute a major ingredient in the lecture of the work, Swysen has a manifest preference for "in situ"-projects.

Mark Swysen - il peso della memoria
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