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Steven Messiaen

A clean basin, Steven Messiaen, 2015

'The artistic practice of Steven Messiaen mainly translates into three parts: paintings, prints and sculptural installations. One is often inclined to make a clear distinction between these different disciplines, however, in his case, it would discount the cohesiveness of the oeuvre; as Messiaen handles each medium freely and correspondingly, frequently resulting in fruitful xenogamy. The artist describes his varied body of work as a kind of 'house-like' situation, where multiple objects with a specific function (e.g. a bed, refrigerator, washing machine, etc.) separately co-exist under the same denominator: house. The choice for an interdisciplinary working method could therefore be explained by the apparent limitless way Messiaen let several media start a dialogue with each other, in order to create a harmonious, overall picture....'
 Wouter De Vleeschouwer, Gent, 2015

A clean basin, Steven Messiaen, 2015
A clean plate, Steven Messiaen, 2015
A portrait, a mirror, Steven Messiaen, 2015
Basin with scar, Steven Messiaen, 2015
Gong, Steven Messiaen, 2015
La Nationalité du Coeur, Steven Messiaen, 2015
La Tendresse, Steven Messiaen, 2015
La Tendresse, Steven Messiaen, 2015
Seven to arrange each day, Steven Messiaen, 2015

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