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Lode Laperre

At the time Lode Laperre obtained his degree in fine arts from the St. Thomas Institute in Brussels (Belgium) in the late ‘80s, he had already developed an individual pictorial language, expressed mainly with acrylic paint on canvas, and exhibited a clear direction for his future as a visual artist: contemporary painting.
Soon afterwards, Lode Laperre began receiving recognition for his early work: he won the prestigious award “Nationale Prijs voor Schilderkunst Kulturama” (the Kulturama National Prize for the Art of Painting) in 1990, and had his first solo exhibition 2 years later in Tournai. Thus encouraged, he intensified his time in the studio, where new and interesting artistic challenges presented themselves. The results of this increased productivity were on display in several individual and group exhibitions.

Lode Laperre’s first trip to South-East Asia in December 1998 piqued his interest in other civilizations and cultures. Inspired by this and many return visits, his visual arts mission notably shifted towards the creation and exploration of a remarkable and very personally-charged pictorial language, a fusion of Orient and Occident. More exhibitions followed, this time in China, Taiwan and Thailand.
Thus influenced by oriental art, Lode Laperre started experimenting with expressing his artistic vision using new media, e.g. creating ink drawings on paper and, more recently, even sculptures. His series of “Coprolites”, which he refers to as the “fossil excrements” of his work, are residues of painting sessions reincarnated as sculptures.

Subaru (Manga)
Coprolites I
Cosmoses Cosmosis (Diptych)
Generagaea IV
Anti-Rust Painting
Gobelin (Naevus)
Interpunctus (Naevus)
Aeon (Naevus)
Pattern Matter (Naevus)

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