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Liesbet Grupping

Untitled (Antwerp)

By using photography and other (visual) instruments Liesbet Grupping constructs (photographic) images that can emerge in installations, sculptures or performances. The work echoes actions, impressions, natural and ephemeral phenomena as well as the observation that emerges of those. Through the very undertaking of observing thoroughly she questions the (inherent) ability of an image to evoke a certain reality and by extension a certain understanding. The (unconventional) use of photographic material, such as the adaptation of light sensitive material with a needle, a nail and a hammer, or the opening of a JPG-file in Microsoft Word, reveals not only that what is pictured, but also the medium itself. Confronting -at times rigid- concepts and deconstructive methodologies (wherein the erratic and subjective intervene) with transformations specific to nature accentuate the unruly temper of an image. Both the pictured and the process can provide guidance, but at the same time cause confusion. The process of discovering, (dis)locating, re-arranging and (re)framing - or the mere searching as such - brings meaning.

Untitled (Antwerp)
Untitled (Beauregard)
Untitled (Clermont-Ferrand)
Untitled (Puy de Dôme)
Drawings of the wind (detail)

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