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Salon Blanc

Salon blanc is an independent initiative by Els Wuyts and Yves Velter, where since 2007 a part of their residence turns into a small scale exhibition space, for a short period of time. The duration of the exhibition is limited to one time, which gives it a festive character and a private touch. The idea is to organise several of these kind of short events, without imposing a strict frequency. In this way it brings to mind the ancient salonculture, creating moments for casual conversation, exchange, presenting and viewing. Salon blanc is also a house in Oostend that, as was the case with projects such as the former 'Kunsthuis' of the Vrienden van Kunstmuseum aan Zee, shows the work of artists that we discover intuitively and accidentally.

Project spaces

Project spaces often are started by artists who make use of infrastructure for artistic projects.

Flanders Arts Institute

Expertise centre for performing arts, music and visual arts.