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Ingrid Deuss Gallery

Having built a solid foundation of 15 years of experience in art buying and photography, Ingrid Deuss started her own photo gallery in Antwerp in 2011. She selects each artist with whom she partners up with great care and offers in her gallery a platform to both young, upcoming talent like Isabel Miquel Arques and Nicolas Karakatsanis and established photographers like Karel Fonteyne, Marcel van der Vlugt and Rankin. Owning a degree in photography herself, Ingrid has a keen eye in which (inter)national photographers meet outstanding standards, are able to develop a personal style signature and dare to explore the unbeaten track of fashion and portrait photography.
All selected photographers are invariably characterized by their great artistic sensitivity and personal expression. To Ingrid all photography exhibitions she hosts starts from a handpicked selection out of the artists collection. To her, love at first sight in regard to the photographs chosen is a must. Emotion is key! “Each photo must appeal immediately to my personal sense of beauty and must incite me to re-discover new aspects each and every time I look at the photograph again”, she states. Next to this, she prefers her photographers to have an “old school” mindset as far as the technical aspect of photography is concerned whereas exploring new creative roots in regard to vision and imaging itself is equally essential. At every exhibition Ingrid puts on display unique pieces so that photography can be upleveled to a unique piece of art. Like buying an exclusive painting.


Some galeries do not only sell art works, but also engage with the artist to support research and artistic development.

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