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Het GlazenHuis

The GlazenHuis presents itself as the Flemish Center for Contemporary Glass Art. It is a dynamic center that promotes glass in all its forms and focuses on all its appearances and functionalities: glass in daily use, glass in design, glass through history, glass in the future, and glass within contemporary art. Especially giving this ‘last glass as an artistic medium’, a place within contemporary art, is one of our main goals. The GlazenHuis shows that glass can be what it wants to be: an object or a painting, bronze or gemstone, art or design, unique or ordinary, colourful or transparent.

The GlazenHuis do not only emphasise on showing glass art, but they also elucidate the way glass designs are created. Education, information and research are important pillars. Professionally, equipped glass studio students, designers and artists take up the challenge – whether or not themselves – to master the liquid glass. With this age-old technique, they create contemporary objects. Visitors can admire the studio in full action from the exhibition space.

Work spaces

Work spaces offer specialised infrastructure for artistic work and support development.

Flanders Arts Institute

Expertise centre for performing arts, music and visual arts.