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Buscemi (150x150)

Buscemi, niet de acteur maar het dance-project van Dirk Swartenbroekx, staat voor een mix van zuiderse grooves, bossa house, percussive downbeat en mooie meiden. De Britse trendsetter Gilles Peterson is al vroeg fan. Aanvankelijk haalt Swartenbroeckx vooral latin door zijn mixer. Later verbreedt hij zijn stijlenpalet met Balkan beats, Bollywood en flamenco. Hij koppelt de beste stemmen (Isabelle Antena, Michael Franti) aan zijn werk en mag de mooiste muziek van anderen (Beach Boys, Calexico) bewerken. Het legendarische Blue Note vroeg hem om twee compilaties samen te stellen met zijn favoriete jazznummers.

Since 1996, Dirk Swartenbroekx (Belgium) is making "warm" records under the name of Buscemi, one of his favorite actors. His style is deep. Difficult to categorise: nu bossa, nu lounge, house music, brazilian grooves, afrobeat, drum 'n bass... Dancemusic with a latin feel is maybe the best description of the sound of Buscemi. Buscemi has released 4 EP's, 3 fully-fledged CDs and one compilation for the famous Blue Note label, that have, and are still, making serious inroads. Buscemi's skill at turning his hand to basically anything is born out by the way he manages to combine a wide range of musical styles. Buscemi's groove is acknowledged by artists ranging from Kruder and Dorfmeister, DJ Morpheus, Giles Peterson, Patrick Forge, Rainer Truby and Calexico, to name but a few. His fame as remixer is rapidly spreading, and besides top Belgian acts like Lais and Hooverphonic, he also reworked tracks for foreign bands like Beach Boys, Suba, Madredeus and Calexico. Camino Royal is the latest haven in Buscemi's journey through sounds and sources. Dirk Swartenbroekx still explores his exquisite worldwide taste for beautiful girls (as seen on his record sleeves) and additional warm music. The third studio album Camino Royal includes all the best Buscemi-ingredients we already experienced: stylish house music with a classy french funky touch, intelligent Brazilian flavoured beats and deeply skinned latin vibes. Lifting his music to a new level, Buscemi introduces us a few wellknown vocalists this time. The french bossa diva Isabelle Antena (Les Disques du Crépuscule) appears on two songs, ,,Seaside'' and ,,Obrigado!'', to be released as a double a-sided single, including a luxuriant remix of ,,Sea side'' by the Italian Nicola Conte and his orchestra. In the summer of 2002 Dirk met Michael Franti of Spearhead at Werchter festival. Nine months later, Franti contributes on the soulful ,,The World Around''. Brazilian singer Carla Alexandar (Voodoo Recordings) animated the little dirty urban groove ,,A Té O Fin''. And ,,Ghost Track Man'', the final exotic moment from Camino Real, features veteran saxophone player Ted Milton of Blurt, one of Buscemi's longtime eighties cult heroes. Camino Royal (Royal Way, or The Real Way), named after the prestigious hotel in Acapulco, Mexico, is an adventurous gathering of joyful tunes, mature grooves and tiny songs. Enjoy this special journey. Buscemi is much in demand as DJ (eclectic, warm and deep stylee!), but can also be booked as a complete live-act. "Live", Swartenbroekx completes his sound with drummer Luuk Cox, bassist Hans Mullens and Sam Versweyveld on trumpet, and together they serve up a steaming cauldron. Buscemi¦s no stranger to the live circuit, having appeared on major festivals like Pukkelpop, Axion Beach, Lowlands, Dour, I Love Techno, Montreux Jazz, Asparragus Rock, Oppikoppi... Succesfull dj- and live-gigs took place in more than 20 countries. (Canada, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Turkey, Switzerland, Italia, Ireland, Israel, VS, South-Africa, Denmark, Germany, France, Mexico...) (laatste update: okt 2003; bron: Buscemi)

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