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Ictus, an internationally acclaimed ensemble, led by the outstanding conductor George-Elie Octors, has privileged contacts with a number of outstanding composers (Harvey, Ferneyhough, Reich, Aperghis,…) and calls the Kaaitheater in Brussels its home. While their repertoire covers a large stylistic range (from Aperghis to Reich, from Murail to Waits), each of their concerts presents a coherent and adventurous listening experience: thematic concerts (around transcriptions, time stratified, nocturnes, irony, music and film, loops...), portrait concerts (of Jonathan Harvey, Fausto Romitelli, Toshio Hosokawa...), stage productions (operas, ballets, tours de chant). Apart from performing at some of the most prestigious venues and festivals such as Musica Strasbourg, Witten, Brooklyn Academy of Music, le Festival d'Automne à Paris, Ars Musica, Royaumont, Villeneuve-lez-Avignon, Wien-Modern, Ictus presents an annual series of concerts in Brussels in collaboration with BOZAR and the Kaaitheater, popular with large and varied audiences. Ictus has hosted four seminars for young composers since 2000 and has been in residence at the Lille Opera since 2003.

Lukas Pairon, director
G.-E. Octors, J.-L.Plouvier, F. Deppe, T. Pauwels, artistic team

Discography (selection)

Flanders Arts Institute

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