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ChampdAction is a  innovative production platform/ensemble for multidisciplinary music projects. Attentive to contemporary tensions between culture, technology and society, generates and encourages new artistic musical response. It offers a professional open stage where homemade creations engage in dialogue with collaboration projects, from individual musicians to ensembles, and where music interacts with other arts (ChampdAction /PROJECTS).

ChampdAction is an experimental music and sound laboratory for new music. It researches cross-pollination between art, culture and science. Herewith it creates and integrates technology in a multidisciplinary environment (ChampdAction/STUDIO) and tracks and activates artistic experimental creation processes (ChampdAction/EXP and ChampdAction/ARCHIVE).

ChampdAction is a creative and critical artistic crossroads of debate and action. It plays a pioneering role in cultural and artistic emancipation and participation of diverse audiences, ranging from youth and art students to the general public. It pro-actively engages in the world of art and seeks out intensive interaction with established artists as well as encouraging young talent. (ChampdAction/ARTISTS)

As a music production platform and ensemble, as an experimental sounds laboratory and as a critical artistic crossroads, ChampdAction attributes the artist a central role in society.

(c) ChampdAction 2012

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