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Erik Vermeulen Trio

Erik Vermeulen

Erik Vermeulen is one of the most discerning pianists in the country. Pyrotechnics are not his thing, nor is melancholic similitude. The only constant in his work seems to be the heterogeneity of what inspires him, as well as that of his sound.

His own works are interspersed with a wide range of improvisations and selections from the standard catalogue. The combination of the multicolouredness of the piano, the polyphonic landscapes of the bass and the rhythmic subtlety of the drums create a very individual atmosphere.

Until 2003 he produced these kind of musical realms with the Ben Sluijs Quartet but since then he has been focusing mainly on his trio with Eric Surmenian on bass and Marek Patrman on the drums.

The Erik Vermeulen Trio has performed in Belgium, the Netherlands (Bimhuis Amsterdam), Greece (International Jazz Festival Athens, Ioannina Jazz Festival), France and Lithuania (Festival Vilnius). Erik Vermeulen was awarded the prestigious Django d’Or, which recognized him as ‘Musician of the Year 2003’.

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