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A Unique Roots Big Band Colouring Musics Landscape Situated between World Music and Jazz, the 10-piece band stages a marathon session whenever it plays its fusion of Brass Power, Nortie Funk, Spicy Latino and Sultry Jazz.

The combination of styles generates a majestic party where roots reign. The special blend of musicians and the erudite musical package that the Millenniums demonstrate contribute to the bands unrivalled sound and energy. Inadvertently they break conventions and give raise to a bizarre cross-fertilization of music genres resulting in a true ensemble of characters where energy, passion and improvisation rule.

The music ferments, gnaws, tears, climbs and overwhelms, just like the wind, water, earth and fire. A Celebration of Roots and a Culmination of Tastes!

Flanders Arts Institute

Expertise centre for performing arts, music and visual arts.