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Jan Vermeulen


Jan Vermeulen studied at the conservatory of Brussels and completed his studies there with a brilliant higher diploma. At the beginning of his career he was also interested in contemporary music, in addition to the standard repertoire. However, his drive for authenticity soon directed him towards period instruments. He preferred the fortepiano when playing with cellist Wieland Kuijken, oboist Paul Dombrecht, and many others. Around 1990 Jan Vermeulen founded the fortepiano Trio Florestan, afterwards renamed to Tröndlin Trio, one of the first ensembles to perform the classical and romantic repertoire on period instruments. Also his growing interest in the oeuvre of Franz Schubert dates back to this period: his complete recording of Schubert’s clavier oeuvre earns international acclaim. He also recorded the complete clavier sonatas of Carl Maria von Weber. As a soloist he performed in many European countries, but he also appeared with violinist Christine Busch, cellist Roel Dieltiens, oboists Marcel Ponseele and Patrick Beaugiraud, soprano Anne Cambier, and the ensembles Explorations and il Gardellino. Jan Vermeulen is an inspiring teacher, affiliated with the Lemmens Institute.

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