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Krewcial (150x150)

Belgium’s most credible hiphop-emcee, “Krewcial” aka Pascal Garnier started getting involved with hiphopculture in the late 8ties. Grown up under the healing influence of his parents’ record collection, Krewcial got caught by soul and jazz on a very young age. After releasing 6 independent underground tapes, he got signed by the Benelux-branch of PIAS. They licensed his album “Live guy with glasses” from his own label "Vinylators". The album was the first Dutch-spoken hiphop-album ever.

After the release of his debut-album, Krewcial went for extensive touring as a sound system with his good friend G.U.S. (Great Un-Stoppable) from Brick 9000. They performed a.o. with the likes of The Alcoholics, Rob Swift, Company Flow, The Roots, Ursula Rucker, Common, The Pharcyde, GZA/Genius, Black Eyed Peas, Roots Manuva, and many more…

Since the late 9ties, the appreciation of his productional skills reaches the bigger players of the international hiphop-scene and so he’s getting more and more into producing other artists’ music. In the meantime he produced for a.o. Extince, Mystik Journeyman & The Grouch, Moiano, Zap Mama, Okay Player (The Roots, D’Angelo), and recently Brainpower with whom he’ll be releasing a new “Brainpower-single featuring Krewcial” early 2003.

The new material of which the first single “Statement” got released independently, gets a huge response. Belgian national radio has it in the air several times a day, and local Music tv-stations dig it like hell. Even Chuck D. from Public Enemy (on his radio show) called it one of the best records he heard in years… The single features vocal appearances of Shyrock (Postmen) and U-Gene (Urban Dance Squad).

By the end of 2002 the entire album should be finished in demo-version, and ready for the real stuff.

His music is a very soulful, jazzy and intelligent kind of hiphop, Krewcial definitely has the potential to make it in the international scene ! But of course you knew that already.

Krewcial is available for performances as a solo-dj, as a soundsystem, or as a whole liveband with members of a.o. Zap Mama, Youssou N’Dour, Moiano, Dehael,… playing drums, turntables, vocals, guitars, Hammond, raps and bass…

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