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Bram De Looze

Bram De Looze

Bram De Looze (°1991, Knokke-Heist, Belgium) discovered the piano at the age of 6 when his grandparents gave him a keyboard as a present. One year later, he started taking lessons where he learned the basics of harmony.  At the age of 12 he continued playing piano in the jazzdepartment of the academys in Knokke and Ghent, till the age of 18. As teachers he had Werner Meert, Christian Mendoza, Hans Van Oost, Victor Da Costa, Janos Bruneel, Nathalie Loriers and Bart Van Caenegem. At workshops he could meet some great musicians like Billy Hart,  Christoph Erbstösser, Mike Rossi, Pierre Vaiana and many interesting others.

The LABtrio with Lander Gyselinck on drums, Anneleen Boehme on bass and Bram De Looze on piano, has been together for almost four years. Every member of the trio composes and brings his or her own ideas into the trio. On the Belgian contest Dexia Axion Classics they won a first price in 2008. In 2009 he participated solo in the Dexia contest and also won a first price. The LABtrio won the first price on the Brussels Jazz Marathon contest (2009) and had in july 2009 the opportunity to play in one of the most famous clubs in Barcelona, the Jamboree Jazzclub. In the summer of 2011 LABtrio was selected for the meeting in Tremplin Jazz d'Avignon.

Bram De Looze also participated in the bigband called the Youth Jazz Orchestra, where every half year, a different composer/bigbandleader was taking care of this band. It is supported by the organization Jeugd en Muziek and the Brussels Jazz Orchestra. They could work with Frank Vaganee, Bert Joris, Marc Godfroid, Florian Ross, Pierre Bertrand and Bob Mintzer. The YJO has visited several times the Flagey concerthalls in Brussels and the North Sea Jazz Festival. The YJO was invited as guest in studio Toots in Brussels to record and playing in the radio program of Jef Neve on Klara in December 2009.

Bram had the opportunity to work with the Bert Joris Quartet, Nic Thys, Robin Verheyen, Frank Vaganee, Steven Delannoye Quartet..

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