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I paint pictures on a wedding dress

Zita Swoon - I paint pictures on a wedding dress (2cd) [CD Scan]

De eerste persing van dit album bevat ook een tweede cd, 'The sound hobbyist'.


  1. She = like meeting Jesus
  2. Ragdoll blues
  3. Still half my friend?
  4. The rabbit field
  5. Song for a dead singer
  6. One perfect day
  7. Maria (about the successful emotional recovery of a gal named Maria)
  8. Our daily reminders
  9. My bond with you and your planet: Disco!
  10. Best wishes to everybody
  11. Ragdoll blues, another version
  12. The night I was going to die
  13. 6th Night
  14. How can I resist kissing her on the cheeks?
  15. Hi-ho bar waltz
  16. Natalie laughs
  17. Greetings from Waikiki
  18. I need new animals
  19. Stamina
  20. 50 Years in dope jittery
  21. The French trombone


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